Learning partnership 2012 - 2014

Group pictire from the first workshop
Presentation of activities in Poland

When we are young, we believe the least we can expect from human kind, is social justice. When we are getting old, we find it the most valuable.
(Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach)

Active ageing and solidarity between generations has been named the European Year 2012. One of the aims is to overcome fears (generated through the discussion of ageing societies with its potential for social conflicts) and to develop new strategies to promote meaningful exchange between young and elderly people.

This coincides with the aim of the European Union and many civil society organisations: to support elderly people to stay in touch with society and thus stay longer active. Doing volunteer work for young people is often an opportunity to further develop social skills and to increase their employability. Especially through intergenerational projects these aims can be achieved.

The organisations which joined this proposed learning partnership are all civil society organisations with experience in volunteer work, adult education and intergenerational education. One of the main aim is to use this European exchange to further professionalise existing offers and programs and/or to develop new concepts. All organisations have different areas of experience and this is reflected in the workshops that will be carried out by their organisations. Target group for the international workshops are adult educational practitioners.

European workshops:

First meeting in Cologne, Germany, Ocober 2012 (Program) / (Minutes)

Second Workshop in Switzerland (November 2013) (Program) / (Minutes)

Third Workshop in Poland (spring 2014) (Program) / (Minutes)