Creative leader-motivated group

from October 8th until October 11th 2015 all roads lead to the “centrum mundi“ LUDBREG, CROATIA

Dear friends, dear Kolping Youth members!

We are very honored and happy to invite you to the workshop for Kolping youth members that will take place in Ludbreg, Republic of Croatia, between the 8th and the 11th October 2015. „Creative leader-motivated group“ is the topic of this event and we are looking forward to exchanging ideas and knowledge in leadership area and also to the firming of our friendships and making new ones.

As this is first meeting of this type that is organized by Croatian Kolping for European youth, we can insure you memorable experience. Everyone is welcome, but only first 2 participants as a representatives of their country could really participate. So, be fast! ;) If we will have more free places after the deadline, we can invite more participants from some countries.

Please, inform your National Kolping Society that you would like to participate in the event.

Priority in participation have Kolping Youth Members, who are really active as local leaders and did not participate until now in the international events of Kolping Youth Europe.

participants from non EU countries 20 Euros
participants from Central Europe countries 30 Euros
participants from Western Europe countries 40 Euros

up to 50% of all travel costs but not more than 80 Euros

All costs of accommodation and nourishment are covered during this event. Participants that

will arrive before the beginning of the event or those who will stay after will take care of all their costs and have to find accommodation by themselves. Croatian organization team is here to help you also with this part if needed so for any further information please contact at

Before traveling to the Republic of Croatia, you need to buy a health insurance for the period of stay. Costs of health insurance are covered by participants.

Interested Kolping Youth members should send their application, which you can find in attachment, to Patrycja Kwapik at  until the September 4th 2015.


For any further information contact Patrycja Kwapik at  or Croatian organisation team at


Information about the travel possibilities to the workshop meeting "Creative leader-motivated group"

Dear friends,

in order of your better planning of the trip to the Croatian meeting "Creative leader-motivated group" we would like to point out some travel possibilities.

Ludbreg is small town on the north of Republic of Croatia. Although is small, it is the centre of the whole world :)

Ludbreg is around 92km away from Zagreb (by car) and it is connected with a highway (A4 Zagreb-Gori?an, exit Ludbreg).

Zagreb is a capital city of Republic of Croatia and with Europe is connected by plane (Airoport Pleso), train (Zagreb Glavni kolodvor) and bus (Autobusni kolodvor Zagreb). The best traveling option depends on your starting point. Croatian organisation team organised the common bus from Zagreb to Ludbreg on October 8th on the first day of the meeting and also on October 11th, after the end of the meeting. So for the ones who have Zagreb in mind as their landing point in Croatia :), they have organised bus (if there will be smaller number of participants arriving to Zagreb, maybe then you will travel with organizers by car, but still-you do not have to worry in this case). Important thing is that the programme starts on October 8th at 18.00 in Ludbreg. So, this bus/cars will leave from Zagreb earlier to get in Ludbreg on time. 

Maybe it is easier for you to go to Budapest first and then to Croatia. The distance between Budapest and Ludbreg is around 300 km by car, but there is a train Budapest-Zagreb on daily base (2 trains per day, from Budapest it goes at 6:05 and 14.45). You can find a time table on this link: For those who plan to go by train from Budapest, we suggest and invite that if it would be possible take earlier train, to come on time on October 8th. Important information for this type of traveling is that when you take a train from Budapest, it is better to get off at the station Koprivnica, that is around 25 minutes away from Ludbreg by car (one way). You can go to  Zagreb with this train too, but station called Koprivnica (and this is the first station after the border) is closer and cheaper. If you take earlier train from Budapest and want to go to Zagreb and explore it a bit, you can-but then from Zagreb you can go by our organised bus to Ludbreg. In this case, please note that you would have maybe an hour or two to explore the Zagreb (it depends when the organised bus will leave from Zagreb and from which point). For those who would come to Koprivnica, we can arrange a car to pick you up. Also, you can return to Budapest on October 11th, from Koprivnica  train goes at 16.15.

From Serbia (Novi Sad) is by car about 442 km, but it shows like this on the map if you go by highway to Zagreb and then from Zagreb to Ludbreg. It is also possible to go part of the road by the normal road-it could be shorter way. 

Also, for those traveling from Novi Sad for example, you have a bus connection from Novi Sad to Osijek (one way ticket was in July around 9 Euros, and then from Osijek a train connection to Koprivnica (already mentioned-town/station around 25 km away from Ludbreg by car, we can arrange a car to pick you up there in Koprivnica). 

On this page you can try to find some bus connections from Bratislava/Graz /Vienna to Zagreb or from Zagreb to those cities => (polazište: from where do you leave, odredište: destination). There are some buses to Zagreb and from Zagreb. Maybe some of you could use it to reach Zagreb and then on October 8th go by organised bus to Ludbreg and on October 11th from Ludbreg to Zagreb. On the same page you can take a look about the bus connection between Ljubljana and Zagreb. Also, there is a good train connection between Ljubljana Zagreb =>

Please, if you have any doubts and questions about how to get to Croatia/Ludbreg from your place, contact Croatian organisation team at and also Patrycja Kwapik at

Maybe there is a possibility to travel with someone who is going to the meeting too and if it is a travel by car, you can share costs. 

After you send your filled application form to Patrycja and you get a confirmation from her, you can start (or continue) your traveling plans :) Once you have your ticket/idea about how do you want or can reach Ludbreg, you will share it with Croatian organisation team to make it definitive. We invite you once more to come on time on October 8th and leave after the meeting on October 11th. According on participants arriving times, organizers will arrange the bus from Zagreb to Ludbreg on October 8th, but for sure it would leave from Zagreb to get on time to Ludbreg.