Renovabis Solidarity organisation invites the members of Kolping Youth to take part in Geocaching action as a form of preparation for the World Youth Day in Krakow 2016.

The action is dedicated to young people from Central and Eastern European countries who:


  • want to work in a group and solve the mysteries
  • like the idea of geocaching
  • would like to strengthen the contact and exchange with other young groups in Central and Eastern Europe
  • want to prepare for the World Youth Day together with the local group/community

To take a part in Geocaching you don’t need to travel, the activity will be happening in your region. The groups who take part will be solving the puzzels together, searching for hiding places and exchange the information in a closed Facebook group with another groups who take part in Geocaching action.

Time for Registration of your group is until 13th November 2015 (this is a special longer deadline for Kolping Youth). Please, send the application to my e-mail address:

You will find the application form, flyer and further information about the action on the internet site of Renovabis: 

The event is scheduled to begin in mid-April 2016. How long the event lasts will depend on the speed of the groups taking part (about 5-8 weeks).

I invite you warmly to participate in this game! It’s a possibility for an exciting action which can strengthen the group, for a great exchange between the youth groups, and a spiritual support for your preparation for the WYD 2016.