31.01.2014: Ukraine: Solidarity of the Kolping Youth Europe

On the occasion of the national protests in the Ucraine, the Kolping Youth Europa wrote a Letter of Solidarity.

Dear Kolping Friends in Ukraine,

all of us have been following strained the recent events in Ukraine, from where sorrowful news reached us. Everyone has the right to freedom of speech, and we believe that the situation will turn better according to the happenings at the beginning of this week.

Until the situation in your country turns right, the European Kolping Youth assures its support to our Ukrainian Kolping sisters, brothers and to the whole Ukrainian people by saying a prayer in each day.

We believe that the Ukrainian democracy will rise again after these hard months with the intercession of Adolph Kolping. We wish you all the best, and we hope we will see each other soon.

Gellért Szabó
President of Kolping Youth Europe