21.06.2012: Teamwork is a major issue in Europe: 4th meeting of learning partnerships in Hungary

Participants from various European Kolping countries met for the fourth time in the beautiful Kolping Hotel located in Alsopáhok, Hungary. Team building was highlighted at his meeting. Kolping Hungary had invited two highly experienced trainers from “Profil-Training” who were able to give a lot of helpful input to the participants.


After the participants had arrived and enjoyed lunch together at the Kolping Hotel Alsopáhok, the first unit was on the agenda. Through different success stories, the participants from Rumania, Czech Republic, South Tyrol, Poland, Germany and of course Hungary were able to get to know each other better. Afterwards, the difference between a group and a team was explained and more theoretical background information was given about teamwork. Everybody could finish the first evening with a cocktail in the beautiful wellness centre.

Theory and practice

After almost everybody had warmed up in the gym in the morning, everybody could find out what character or qualities he or she has in a team through a personality test. Am I a creative person, a doer, a thinker or more a team worker? Some people were very astonished about the results, but many felt themselves reassured in their respective role in the team. Furthermore, the stages of a group were an issue. In the afternoon, the participants could use actively what they had learned. They went to an island where nature photographs of the island were shown to them. The participants were asked to build small groups and to find the places where the pictures had been taken and re-photograph them as exactly as possible. While they did a good job on that it was a much greater challenge to form a triangle with a rope. This had to be done with closed eyes. The full involvement of all group members and the communication among them was very important. This was a rather difficult task because this had to be done in two languages – German and English. When returning from the island the group stopped over at a famous church prior to celebrating a mass with the National Praeses of the Kolping Society of Hungary in the Chapel of the Kolping Hotel. The European team which had closed ranks during the day finished the evening with tasting at a winery nearby which is typical in Hungary.

Conclusion and departure

On Saturday morning, the compilation of the national presentations, a reflection on the past days and the farewell were on the agenda. The participants, including Lisa Huber, Jenny Becker and Andreas Fritsch (staff member) from the Diocesan Organisation of Munich and Freising, gave some positive feedback to both trainers.

A special word of thanks goes to the Kolping Society of Hungary for the excellent organisation.

The next workshop on “moderation” will take place in Bolzano/South Tyrol from 11th to 13th September, 2012.

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Unterschiedliche Rollen in Teams

Wie schafft es ein Team mit verbunden Augen ein gleichschenkliges Dreieck zu formen?