20.01.2017: Serbia: Project Management für the Balkan Region

Capacity building of the organization is one of the priorities in the work of Kolping Society of Serbia.

Capacity building of the organization is one of the priorities in the work of Kolping Society of Serbia. We think that, behind every successful project there are members with the knowledge and skills necessary for the development of an NGO. Being a member of an international organization, we are privileged to have the opportunity to learn from others, exchange experiences and develop joint ideas. We also think that inter-regional and international projects are strengthening the global Kolping network.

Kolping Society of Serbia has organized an International Project Cycle Management Workshop with an aim of strengthening Kolping societies in the Balkan region through the development of members' skills. Workshop was conducted in Novi Sad, with the participation of Kolping Serbia, Kolping Romania, Kolping Kosova and Kolping Croatia. The main objective was to help the participants in developing deeper skills regarding project cycle management and give incentives to project thinking, which should bring benefits to all Kolping families in the Balkan region.

In order to broaden the knowledge and develop deeper skills regarding project management, Kolping Serbia has decided to engage an experienced workshop leader, with a lot of success in submitting project proposals as well, and additionally someone who has an understanding of the specific characteristics of Kolping as an organization. Magdalena Szczudlo, Kolping member from Poland, has shown to be an excellent choice. The work in small group was very practically organized, by dividing the participants into small groups based on their countries, so they could work on developing real ideas, instead of some abstract, general ones.


During the 3 days of a very intensive workshop, participants have managed to go through all of the steps of transforming the idea into the project and to gain a lot of practical advices from the workshop leader. With a very structured presentations and showing enough flexibility in responding to different levels of previous knowledge of the workshop participants, workshop leader has managed not only to share the information, but to really help everyone fully understand the topic and grasp all of the aspects regarding project management.  

Besides strengthening their skills, participants from different Kolping organizations have also had an opportunity to talk about ideas for the projects that could be jointly written and submitted. One idea that has imposed itself as very important for the future work is a necessity for stronger networking among Kolping organizations in the Balkan region and all of the workshop participants have obliged to.

This type of strengthening of Balkan Kolping organizations will be continued in the future and Kolping Society of Serbia is planning to continue with the capacity building seminars already in the first half of 2017