14.08.2015: Culinary partnerships between Serbia and Romania

The Kolping Families from West Romania have been celebrating a big common festival for 9 years, a “goulash festival” with a cooking contest. The Kolping Families from Serbia have been welcome guests for several years.

This time, Serbia wanted to be the host! The Kolping Family St. Stefan from Sajan organized the “second edition” of the International Goulash Festival on July 27, 2015. The Kolping Family of the organizers competed with 2 teams, the Kolping Family Padey with 3 teams and the one from Zenta with 1 team.

From Romania, 21 Kolping members from five Kolping Families - Timisoara “Millennium” and “Heilige Maria”, Chisineu Cris, Otelec and Uivar - started their journey to Serbia.

Each team consisted of members of different ages who cooked a fine goulash in the kettle and with the ingredients they brought along. A jury tasted the goulash and awarded diploma. At the end, recipes were exchanged.

The friendship meetings, the joint conversations, cooking, eating, singing and praying deepen their relations and unites the Kolping members from Serbia and Romania ever stronger beyond country borders.

Petofi Sandor, Kolping Family Millennium Timisoara, Romania