14.04.2016: Romania: pilot project

The Kolping Hotel in Brasov participates in the European pilot project on the voluntary commitment to reduce energy consumption.

In the frame of the NeZEH project – Nearly Zero Energy Hotels,,
co-financed by the program “intelligent energy – Europe” (IEE) of the European Union, a total of 16 European hotels were selected and submitted themselves to an energy consumption audit and took concrete, environmentally friendly steps or carried out further investments to reduce the CO2 emission of the hotel.

In March 2016, the project results were presented to the public under the patronage of the European parliamentarian Maria Grapini in the building of the European Parliament in Brussels. Kolping Romania was represented by the hotel employee Irina Vaisu-Eris.

Irina Vasiu-Eris, Kolping-Hotel, during an interview in Bruxelles.

Irina Vasiu-Eris (left) and the European parliamentarian Maria Grapini (middle).