06.05.2014: Romania: Attended transition from education to work

More than 400 young people – pupils and students – will have access to vocational guidance and accompaniment which will be provided by Kolping Romania in the next 17 months. The youth will have practical trainings in different companies and will also participate in the setting up of fictitious firms.

Kolping Romania’s partners are the “West University of Timisoara“, the “Dacia School of Technology” based in Caransebes and the trading company CMP Center D&V from Timisoara.

The European Social Fund has been funding the project jointly with the Government of Romania, by means of a non-refundable grant in the amount of 440,000 Euros.

On the basis of the former journeymen’s craftmanship, Kolping now imparts practical learning experiences and results that are needed very much by today’s young people!