25.06.2012: Romania

Cook trainees from the Kolping House in Karánsebes cook for members of the German Bundestag

 On June 5, 2012 the official opening of the Kolping Vocational Training Centre took place which is new to Southwest Romania: practice-oriented training to become a cook in the new Kolping House in Karánsebes which is at the same time both - a training institute and a “training company” for the trainees. This accredited course for the training of cooks in cooperation with the labour office in Resita started this January and is exclusively financed by Kolping for the 21 socially disadvantaged participants (in large part long-time jobless people).

 Dr. h.c. Susanne Kaster, Delegate of the German Bundestag and President of the German Romanian parliamentary group of the German Bundestag, visited the House with a delegation of 36 German citizens. From the German Consulate in Timisoara, Consul Klaus Olasz participated. To the honoured guest also belonged the representatives of the local administration, Mr. Ilie Iova, Vice-mayor and Mr. Nicolae Borcean, City Manager, as well as numerous representatives of the local and regional press. The honoured guests had words of praise for the work of the Kolping co-workers.

 After the presentation of the work of the Romanian Kolping Society and the project “Kolping House Karánsebes” ( all attendants acted as “training guests” and tasted the local specialities of Banat prepared by the participants of the course under the guidance of their teacher. The day ended with visiting the house and a discussion round. There was a positive response from the participants and in the media reports.

 At the beginning of June 2012, 70 trainees joined the 3 six-month cook courses in both training institutions, in the Kolping Houses Brasov and Karánsebes. Furthermore, 8 interns participated in the project on job orientation for pupils “Fit for the future”, in cooperation with the German Business Club Brasov.


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