22.01.2016: Poland: Kolping Congress of Seniors

They want to have an impact on what is happening in their area and build an “age friendly” local community. Many seniors - activists are operating in Kolping Senior Clubs in polish Kolping Families. 52 of them met in December 2015 in Kraków for their own Congress.

The main theme of the meeting was the civic participation of seniors in Poland. During the congress participants talked about the new role and social power of this group, the challenges and problems of older people in their country.

The meeting was therefore an opportunity to exchange experiences between Kolping  Senior  Clubs from different areas of the country. Participants could realize the power and range of influence of  seniors networking.

Kolping Congress of Seniors was organizes by Kolping Poland and took place in the framework of the project "Civic Participation friendly to the seniors".