12.06.2015: Poland: Endowment Fund for Development

The officials of Kolping Poland’s development-political endowment fund met in Cracow in April. Kolping Poland is characterized not only by very dedicated Kolping Families, but it also runs several social and economic projects simultaneously.

At the National Office in Cracow, a large team works not only for the Kolping Families but also to pursue applications for new public funding.  But the Kolping sisters and brothers have been looking beyond their own needs for some time.  With their endowment fund they want to carry out development projects in economically weaker countries.  One focus of the Association’s future is development co-operation, because more and more members are enthusiastic about the internationality of the Kolping Society and want to get involved in this area, the commitment for the poorest of the poor in Africa, Latin America, and Asia.  The planning for the coming years in the area of development co-operation is done as proficiently as other project work is run in Poland.  Checking is presently under way as to what financial resources can be made available for this work.  While Poland did receive money from German development budget just a few years ago, Poland is now changing into an active partner in the development work across continents.

Association work is fun: Polish delegates at a conference in September 2014.