26.06.2015: Partnership Meeting in Rumania

The meeting of Kolping International’s Representatives for International Partnership work (RIP) was held in June in Caransebes/Rumania.

Delegates from the different German dioceses met up with representatives of the Kolping Societies of Rumania, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia and Lithuania to exchange ideas and inform about their work.

The RIPs and representatives of Kolping Societies in East European countries presented examples of global learning from their diocesan and national organisations. The colleagues from Münster presented criteria for a fair procurement.

Another topic was the communication and public relations work for and in the partnership work.

Sigrid Stapel, Education Co-ordinator at KOLPING INTERNATIONAL, presented the alliances in which the International Kolping Society is active: “Rio moves. Us – Olympics campaign“; MailanMerkel: a petition of “Your Voice Against Poverty” and the campaigns of “United for Africa”. She also reported on the current state of progress of preparations for the Kolping Day 2015.