02.03.2018: New bees for Serbian Kolping apiary

14 years ago the Kolping Family “Szent István” from Szaján in Serbia started a bee honey project, because in Vojvodina (Northern Serbia) many people still live from smallholder agriculture.

But in the new economic system it was increasingly difficult for the farmers to generate sufficient income only with agriculture and livestock breeding. A new “agrarian sector” was needed. That’s how the idea of the apiary as an alternative source of income was born.

With the help of donations the Kolping Family was able to buy 15 bee colonies and then started to build up a Kolping apiary. Now, honey is successfully produced here, and the whole Kolping Family helps: e.g. the members reforested the area around the apiary to create the necessary natural environment for a larger production of honey. The biotope of the community was supplemented by 2,000 seedlings. Part of the profit from the sale of honey goes to the Kolping Family who uses it to support activities and projects and thus invested in strengthening the community. This is very important for the poorer communities in the Vojvodina region.

Since the bee honey project from Szaján shows great potential and the demand for organic honey continues to be high, Kolping Serbia wants to expand the project and buy 20 further beehives and bee colonies for the Kolping Family. Therefore we ask for your donations!

You can support this project indicating the key word “PM bees Serbia:”

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