05.08.2016: Republic of Moldova

Kolping Romania supports charitable projects in the Republic of Moldova. In mid-July the Kolping National Society of Romania organized a cross-national one week workcamp in the village of Stircea in the Republic of Moldova.

The situation was that there had not been a safe playground for the kids in the village. Therefore, 25 youth voluntaries from Romania and Moldova took the initiative to create a place on the premises of the Polish Catholic parish in Stircea where children can play happily in the future.

Apart from the teamwork the program of this week also included the getting to know the environment, the visit of the small town Glodeni and the capital Chisinau. The voluntaries were welcomed by a representative of the Roman Catholic episcopal office from Moldova as well as by Mrs. Stela Onutu, the mayoress of the city of Glodeni.

The redesign of the playground for the village kids of Stircea is a campaign in the frame of a project to promote social responsibility, an initiative carried out by Kolping Romania, realized in cooperation with the Kolping Society Chisinau from Moldova. The project is financially supported by the International Kolping Society and the Romanian Agency for International Development. The workcamp was conducted by Corneliu Bulai, education officer at Kolping Romania.