09.09.2016: Vibrant partnership with the Kolping Family of Prague

A small anniversary could be celebrated at this year’s meeting between the Kolping sisters and brothers from Prague and the Diocesan Organisation of Dresden-Meissen which was held in Dresden at the beginning of September 2016.

The partnership had been established five years ago which was followed by two yearly meetings. The idea of the European unity and peace was always present during these encounters, as well as the idea of learning from one another. A photographic retrospective helped recall wonderful memories. The participants could also discover the beautiful parts of Dresden.

The encounter concluded with a Kolping Diocesan pilgrimage in Rosenthal with the new Bishop Heinrich Timmerevers and General Praeses Msgr. Ottmar Dillenburg. In the 25th year of remembering the beatification of the Father of the Journeymen, the participants especially prayed for Fr. Kolping’s canonization during this pilgrimage. In the sermon given during the Church service, the Bishop encouraged the Kolping members to be true to their faith, the Church, and the Kolping Society, and to be bearers of hope rather than being sceptical.

During the concluding prayer celebrated by the General Praeses, he called upon the members present to not losing sight of the ’work for the one world‘, to see the needs of the time wherever they present themselves, and to make every effort to address them depending on the available possibilities. Every single person counts. According to the motto of the pilgrimage, the money collected in the offertory amounting to 861.30 € was to be used for the maintenance of the Church of Minorites. The money could be handed over directly to the General Praeses.

Norbert Grellmann