12.06.2015: Continental Council

Meeting of Europe’s Kolping Societies in Frankfurt

From May 29 to 31, the Continental Council of the European National Kolping Societies met in the Kolping Hotel in Frankfurt-on-Main to deliberate on the strategic planning for the coming years.  This annual event was attended by 40 representatives from 17 European National Kolping Societies to discuss their national activities. 

In addition to reporting successful activities in the various National Kolping Societies, the topic “living quarters for young people” was on the agenda.  As in Father Kolping’s time, young people are on the road today in search of a good education and leave their hometown.  In many countries, Kolping has given them a place to call home and accompanies them in manifold ways for many years.  The meeting paid tribute to the work done by those involved in this area and made it clear that young people, who leave their homes for the first time and find themselves in a new work-related and social environment, are especially in need of advice and support.  This is still being offered by Kolping today.

Prof. Dr. Hans-Gert Pöttering was honoured in a special ceremony.  He was awarded Kolping Europe’s Certificate of Merit.  Since the first direct election in 1972 until the 2014 election he was a member of the European Parliament, and was its president from 2007 to 2009.  In his tribute, Anton Salesny from Austria praised especially the strong support that Prof. Pöttering had given to the Kolping Society of Europe during his years as president of the EU Parliament.  The Kolping Society also adopted a declaration on the topic of youth unemployment in Europe.

from left to right: Anton Salesny, Represantative of European issues, General Praeses Msgr. Ottmar Dillenburg, Margrit Unternährer (President of Kolping Europe), Prof. Dr. Hans-Gert Pöttering, Europan Praeses Josef Holtkotte. Foto: Matthias Scharlau/Kolpingwerk Deutschland