04.04.2014: Call for the 2014 European Elections

With the 2014 Europe elections in mind, Kolping Europe has passed a declaration on in which it calls on all citizens to seek a dialogue with their regional candidates. As stated in the declaration, they should “recognize Europe as a social project in which wealth and prosperity are shared in a solidarity that extends beyond national boundaries.”

Because of a lack of democratic legitimation in some decision-making bodies of the European Union, a strengthening of the European Parliament must be supported without fail.  A high turnout at the parliamentary elections will also express the desire of the citizens to have their interests taken adequately into account in the design and the control of European policies.

With reference to the principles of the Catholic Social Teachings, the Kolping Society of Europe calls on all citizens to base their voting decision on a number of questions: how can social crises, such as poverty and youth unemployment, be over-come through increased solidarity?  What can a stricter framework for common financial policies look like, how cans a fairer tax system be developed?  The voters should also ask what asylum policies that are based on human dignity can look like and what measures exist for the prevention of human trafficking.  And how can common European development policies be designed?