11.08.2017: Youth Work camp in Romania

About 40 participants in this year’s summer work camp in July gutted a building in Timisoara that had collected some years already. The work was carried out by the participants themselves.

A new Kolping Journeymen’s hostel shall be built there shortly functioning as a regional meeting place. In addition to supporting cultural exchange and working together, the participants should also get to know traditional working methods of the craft sector.

One of the tasks of the construction team was the careful salvage the old building material to re-use it. The team of the summer work camp worked for ten days on the premises of Kolping in the locality of Fabrikstadt in Timisoara where a Journeymen’s Association had already existed in the 19th century.

The young people received technical guidance from seven journeymen from the Journeymen’s Association of Sibiu. The diligent craftspeople came from the Diocesan Association of Limburg and different Romanian Kolping Families – and the longest travel was made by two participants from Cameroon.