23.06.2014: Peace Walk

This year’s peace walk was held under the shadow of the current armed conflicts. At the end of May, Kolping Lithuania hosted the 47th International Peace Walk of the Kolping Society.

The Kolping Meeting Centre at Troskunai lived up to its name: Kolping sisters and brothers from Lithuania, South Tyrol, Austria, Luxemburg, Germany and Switzerland arrived there by and by. Hands were shaken, a friendly hello everywhere, a noticeable joy to meet the Kolping friends again after a year and to see them healthy. The 47th International Peace Walk was conducted in Lithuania at the end of May. Many people who participated in the walk have known one another for years, but there were also new participants, but nobody felt that he did not belong to the group. The hosts and above all National Secretary Lina Kalibataite and her team extended a hearty welcome to each arriving delegate.

163 Kolping members followed the invitation to join the 47th Peace walk under the motto “With peace to the future”. The current situation in Ukraine shows the insecurity of peace and freedom in East Europe. Therefore, the location and time of the Peace walk could not have been better chosen.

Right from the beginning, the topic of “Peace” was on the agenda of the meeting – it was even mentioned at the Inaugural Mass which was celebrated by the General Praeses of the International Kolping Society, Msgr. Ottmar Dillenburg. He suggested that we pray for peace in the world and in our families. He also suggested to demonstrate through our actions that we want to live in peace and freedom and that we are going to use all the means available to fight for that.

Later in the festival tent, the President of the Kolping Society of Lithuania, Rev. Fr. Saulius Filipavicius, also returned to the issue in his words of welcome: „People of my generation have taken peace for granted so far. The recent events in Ukraine were a wake-up call to us. We have understood the value of peace and that we must stand up for peace. Therefore, the motto of this walk and your participation is of particular relevance. We want to say to the world: „We want to live in peace, and we try to maintain peace. We want to live in a Europe that we call home where we feel happy and safe“.

Bernhard Leifeling

The detailed report and photographs can be found at:

The participants of the Peace Walk.

Msgr. Otmar Dillenburg, General Praeses Kolping International.

The President of Kolping Litauen, Rev. Fr. Saulius Filipavicius.

Lina Kalibataite, the host of this year's Peace Walk, together with Olaf Herzog who organized the walk last year in Wanne-Eickel (Germany).

This friendly team took care of the participants all over from Europe.