29.08.2016: Peace walk 2016 in Prague

Over 300 Kolping members from Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Luxemburg, Austria, Moldova, Czech Republic and Romania gathered in Prague from 5th to 7th August to participate in the 49th Peace walk.

The first walk for peace took place almost 50 years ago to overcome the horrors of the war and practise understanding among nations. “The terror attacks today are a new aspect which shows how important it is to maintain the theme of peace and reconciliation”, said Msg. Ottmar Dillenburg in Prague.

The solemn mass which was celebrated in the Veitsdom in Prague will remain an unforgettable experience for everybody who attended the mass, as well as the numerous encounters and the guided tour of Prague. During their walks and different events, the pilgrims of peace had lots of time and opportunities to talk to one another. For many Kolping brothers and sisters the peace march was an opportunity to see friends and fellow pilgrims again as they have been travelling to and participating in the peace walks for many years which take place every year in a different European country.

The communication works very well. If necessary, the participants speak with their hands and feet. Kolping unites people! Dagmar Kubovár who co-organised the peace walk is convinced of the Kolping idea. “We stand up for the social dimension in the Church which actually appeals to everyone”.

In the anniversary year 2017, the 50th Peace march will be hosted by the Kolping Society in Switzerland.

Die 50. Friedenswanderung wird im Jubiläumsjahr vom Kolpingwerk in der Schweiz ausgerichtet.