12.06.2015: Refugee crisis – Europe as a Community of Values?

"The daily dramas in the Mediterranean Sea with helplessly drowning refugees are an expression of incapacitated levels of policy-making in Europe”, says Thomas Dörflinger, President of Kolping Germany.

Recent International News already reported about the commitment of German Kolping Families to refugees from various crisis regions of the world.  “Many civil society organizations, such as Kolping Germany with its Kolping Families, look after the refugees and help them without hassle, not waiting for legal stipulations.  They help because they recognize the need and they do not wait to find out whose responsibility it might be”, emphasizes Thomas Dörflinger. 

This energetic and concrete help is a challenge to the political decision-making levels in Europe to finally emulate the civil society organizations and bring about a political solution to the refugee tragedies.  “Up to now, however, Europe looks in the case of the refugee suffering more like an alliance of partly selfish national states than as a community of values.”

“The future, however, can and will lie only in greater co-operation,” he emphasizes.  Europe needs to more strongly emphasize what unites us.  The different national interests must be subordinate - in accordance with the principle of subsidiarity - to the common concern.  “A strengthening of the European Parliament is seen as a prerequisite for that.  Europe also needs a joint European government – elected by the EU Parliament.  (…)  The refugee crises will prove whether or not Europe actually is the claimed community of values,” states Thomas Dörflinger.  Kolping Germany calls for joint prayer on the World Refugee Day on June 20.

Thomas Dörflinger