04.10.2013: Continental Meeting of the European Kolping Associations

More than 40 delegates of the European Kolping Associations met in Hitzkirch near Lucerne, Switzerland, from September 20 to 22 to jointly discuss the further developments of the associations and European policy related questions. The Kolping Society of Europe is a union of the Kolping Associations in Europe and serves the networking, exchange of information and political decision-making regarding European questions.

On invitation of the Swiss Kolping Society which has more than 10,000 members, the delegates discussed about the future of membership and social associations in a post-modern civil society. The discussions were marked by questions relating to the promotion of voluntary commitment but also to the participation in political decision-making processes. The association’s development process KOLPING 2017 where all Kolping Associations in the whole world deal with the future of the International Kolping Society was also a topic. Furthermore, the Continental Convention decided to concentrate in the coming year on the organization of a more just and harmonic tax system within Europe. On Saturday afternoon the delegates jointly walked the Adolph Kolping Reflection Path which ended with a Holy Mass in Baldegg Minster. On this occasion, General Praeses Msgr. Ottmar Dillenburg handed over a relic of the Blessed priest Adolph Kolping to the members of the Swiss Kolping Society. It will find its place in a piece of art made of glass in the Kolping meditation room.

Apart from the deliberations regarding contents the Continental Convention also elected the new Board of the Kolping Society of Europe. Margrit Unternährer from Switzerland was elected new president of the Kolping Society of Europe by a large majority. The president for many years, Mrs. Barbara Breher, did not stand as a candidate.

The delegates

Holy Mass in the church of the Baldegg Monastery