02.09.2014: Training for European Praesides in Cologne

In August, the Praesides of the European Kolping Societies met in Cologne for a week in order to deal with different topics related to the life of Fr. Kolping and the International Kolping Society.

General Praeses Ottmar Dillenburg regularly holds training seminars for praesides on all continents.  This year’s meeting was all about the life and work of Father Kolping and what consequences his mission still has today for the spiritual direction of the Association.  But topics of the Catholic Social Teachings from Leo XIII to now were also on the agenda.  A city tour also made important stations in Father Kolping’s life understandable in an animated way.  A dedicated spiritual exchange and a great desire to participate in establishing and developing National Kolping Societies ran like a red thread through these days spent together.