23.01.2015: Europe in Africa: Learning from one another

The Education Team of Europe is a group of dedicated Kolping members from various European countries.

They have so much experience in supporting and motivating Kolping Families that they advise and support Associations and Kolping Families across national borders.  They help in making the Kolping work more sustainable, more efficient, and more enjoyable. 

In order to work even more efficiently in the future, the members of the education team got to know the work of the Association in African countries (Uganda, Tansania and Rwanda).  What at first glance seem to be two different worlds turn out, on closer inspection, to be a world of Kolping enthusiasts.  People bring life and vitality to the commitment for social justice and the development of reliable social structures in their villages and city sections.  During this learning process it became clear: Europe and Africa can learn a lot from each other.

Tanzania: A farmer explains his work to the group

Photo with the bishop

A visit to the market