29.04.2016: Europe

The President of the Council of Europe acknowledges the European work of the Kolping Society - impressive continuity of the cooperation with the European Council since 1974


On April 21, 2016 the President of the “Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe” and the Spanish Senator, Dr. Pedro Agramunt (on the left of the photo) received the delegate for Europe of the International Kolping Society, the Senior Civil Servant Mr. Anton Salesny (on the right of the photo) in the frame of the spring session.

At the beginning of the talk, Dr. Pedro Agramunt said that he had prepared himself for this encounter and was delighted that Kolping belonged to the oldest and most committed non-governmental organizations of the Council of Europe and had given strong impetuses to the Council of Europe through its well-founded Europe declarations.

He said he was especially impressed by the continuity of the cooperation with the European Council since the year 1974 which was marked by the 33 Europe seminars in the years from 1979 to 2011 with more than 2,500 multipliers.

With great joy he accepted the declaration “More Europe is the solution – For the unity of Europe and against national solo actions” of the German Kolping Society’s Kolping Youth. He said that he would study the considerations in detail and, if possible, include them in his political work. He expressed his wish to the Kolping Youth that they should continue to tackle those important European questions in word and deed with such competence.

Foto: Council of Europe / Strasbourg