23.01.2014: Slovakia: A new Protector for an Association in a phase of growth

After receiving a friendly letter from the General Praeses of the International Kolping Society, Msgr. Ottmar Dillenburg, the Archbishop of Bratislava did not wait to be asked and agreed to serve as the Protector of the Kolping Society in Slovakia. Archbishop Zvolenský is therefore the contact person at the Conference of Bishops and the advisor for the future.

He has performed this task since the end of 2013.  In a letter to the General Praeses, he praised the work done by the Kolping Society in Slovakia up to now.  He described the presence and the activities of the Kolping Society as very valuable and helpful, particularly in connection with the proclamation of the Gospel.

In November, board members of KOLPING INTERNATIONAL visited the Association and deliberated together with Auxiliary Bishop Jozef Halko, as well as with active members of the National Executive Board, on future projects and programs of the Kolping Society in the region.  Kolping Slovakia is active again since it was re-founded in 1997.  It currently has 10 Kolping Families.


The Archbishop Zvolenský from Bratislava