27.02.2015: Germany - Kolping Youth

The Kolping Youth in Augburg is #MUTiviertEngagiert (commitment motivated by courage)

The diocesan leadership of the Kolping Youth tarts the diocesan-wide #MUTiviertEngagiert campaign.  It calls attention to the 2015 Kolping Day in Cologne and gives the participating groups the opportunity to show how creativity, courage, and commitment can be lived in the Church and in society.  An orange package, the courage generating box, makes its way through the diocese – from one Kolping youth group to the next.

The point here is not just to publicize the 2015 Kolping Day on September 18 – 20 in Cologne, there is more to it!  The campaign picks up on the Kolping Day’s theme “courage is beneficial”, because “everyone has to carry his/her own load, but: Whosoever shows courage generates courage!”  And therefore the package contains a task for the receiving group, which the participants have to solve with COURAGE, creativity, and commitment.  The solving of the problem is being documented and published on the Facebook page of Augsburg’s Kolping Youth under #MUTiviertEngagiert so that everyone can follow the path of the courage generating box through the diocese.  In the first video, the diocesan leadership explains how the campaign works.  After the task has been accomplished, the group comes up with a new task for the next group and passes the package on.  In this way, as many Kolping youth groups as possible are to be involved in the campaign, and by showing COURAGE also generates COURAGE in others.  A terrific campaign – maybe the courage generating box will one day even go around the world…?