10.11.2014: Germany - International

Meeting of the officials responsible for the international partnership-work who are responsible for the international partnership-work in the various Kolping Societies.

Through the practiced partnerships of Kolping Families, Diocesan and National Kolping Societies, KOLPING INTERNATIONAL becomes a solidarity network that reaches far beyond the Association.  As a rule, the partnerships mean reciprocal visits, which focus on the joy within the Kolping community but also on experiencing each other’s different cultures.  Financial assistance is provided to the economically weak Associations through fundraisers at the various levels of the European Kolping Societies. 

The growth of the International Kolping Society is also due to the passionate partnership-work of many Kolping members, who “are burning” for their partner country and share this enthusiasm with their Kolping sisters and brothers.  Such a partnership network has no equal today in the Church and in society.