14.02.2014: Germany: Active against sexual violence

Deliberations on the topic “sexual abuse” were part of the conference of presidents of the Diocesan Kolping Society of Augsburg. The participants of the conference quickly realized that the topic “sexual abuse” concerns each and every one.

After all, only a certain number of sexual violence cases against children is being reported, the number of unreported cases is estimated to be much higher.  The speaker from a counselling centre explained where help and support can be accessed.  In her report, she repeatedly praised the working tool of the German Kolping Youth, “On Any Given Day – Give Active Protection to Children”.  Sabine Liebermann, youth officer of the Diocesan Kolping Society of Augsburg’s Kolping Youth, mentioned the training programs of the Diocese of Augsburg.  She also reported that the corresponding component regarding the prevention of sexual abuse is part of every course given to group leaders.

Addressing this difficult topic is important for all associational levels of the Kolping Society world-wide.