24.06.2016: Day of the Catholics in Leipzig / Germany

Every two years, the Day of the Catholics is a large gathering of dedicated Catholics in Germany.

More than 30,000 people come together for several days to discuss current political, societal, and religious issues.  In addition, various organizations, associations, and dioceses are presented with booths, where interested people can inform themselves about the respective work.  Kolping Germany, with all its various services and active Diocesan Kolping Societies must, of course, also be part of it. 

Many prominent politicians, including ministers of the federal government, looked in on Kolping and paid tribute to the contribution that Kolping makes to the German society.  Radio reports also showed, for instance, the Minister of Labour of the Social Democratic Party impressed by the commitment of the Kolping Families in the area of assisting refugees. But even cardinals and bishops attended the booth and were pleased with the commitment of the Kolping Families in their dioceses. 

There were also discussions on international issues: one of them was the campaign “Rio moves: Us”, as well as the peace process in Colombia, in which many human rights groups are involved.

Disussion about the peace process in Colombia at the Day of the Catholics in Leipzig.