10.04.2015: Germany

Cautioning against globalization of indifference

During the “Cologne Talks”, Rev. Ludwig Schick, Archbishop of Bamberg, cautioned against the globalization of indifference.  The Second Vatican Council calls Christians to share the joy and hope, the griefs and anxieties of all people, he said on March 18 in front of around 200 nation-wide Kolping leaders at the Kolpinghaus International in Cologne

That is why Christians are invited to work for the poor who don’t have their daily bread, for the millions of working slaves - mostly women and children - who have to work in mines and quarries, plantations and textile factories, as child soldiers or in prostitution.  Archbishop Schick emphasized the accomplishments of the Council to be able to participate in worship and prayer in one’s native tongue and, as laypeople, shape the liturgy in many different ways. 

“When we do not do this or do it only in a mediocre fashion, we have not actualized the Council.  When we stand up for our faith, give witness to it, even in public life and at work, when we acquire information and training so that we can give witness to it, then we have actualized the Council.”  Archbishop Schick reminded the Kolping members that there are hardly any travelling journeymen today.  “But there are refugees, asylum seekers, and unaccompanied young people, who are strangers even more than the journeymen in the past.  Fr. Kolping would call on us today most urgently to help them to overcome their traumas of being displaced and having to flee, to learn the German language so that they can be trained in and carry out a trade, that they can be integrated.  Integration would certainly be an important task for him in 2015; he would call on us to do everything necessary to accomplish this.

The European Praeses Joseph Holtkotte (r.) and Rev. Ludwig Schick, Archbishop of Bamberg. Foto: Martin Grünewald