30.05.2017: Stay or leave? Perspectives for Eastern Europe

Kolping Romania supports the Pentecost campaign of Renovabis

At the start of the Pentecost campaign of Renovabis, the aid organisation for Eastern Europe, Kolping Romania reported of its work. Kolping desk officer Ingrid Arvay from Romania was invited to report of the situation in Romania. During a press conference with the Archbishop of Cologne Cardinal Woelki she reported about her work:

“In Romania there are about 350,000 so-called Euro orphans”, she said. “Especially in this important phase the children are lacking one or even both parents”. Kolping cares for some of these children in a day care centre and provides them with a meal, offers homework supervision, and games and lends an ear to the children who often still attend kindergarten or primary school.

The fate of the so-called “still migrants” who come from Eastern Europe to earn money in Germany takes centre stage in the Pentecost campaign. “Stay or Leave – People in the East of Europe need perspectives” is the motto of the Pentecost campaign of Renovabis in 2017.

The co-operation between Kolping and Renovabis in Eastern Europe is proven and good – Kolping is the partner of many projects that help people in Eastern Europe.