18.04.2016: Exchange and partnership: Inspired Meeting of the BIPs

The persons in charge of the international co-operation (BIP) in the German, Swiss and Polish Kolping Diocesan Organizations met from April 8 to 10. The participants exchanged experiences about their work and inspired each other regarding the visits of their partners to Germany.

Lisa Hermann, the campaign leader of Fair Trade Town, illustrated how a municipality can become a Fair Trade Town and what kind of support can be obtained. The BIPs reported of numerous examples of Kolping Families already having been the motivator for the recognition as Fair Trade Towns and were encouraged to contact even more Kolping Families. Moreover, the delegates dealt with “Laudato Si” after a competent introduction by Rolf Michael Schulze from the expert committee “preservation of creation” of the Kolping Society, Diocesan Organization of Hildesheim. The action material of the union “Rio moves us” was tested.

The Diocesan Organization of Hildesheim had organized a successful framework program. Among other activities, the Grenzland Museum was visited. During the “Hildesheim Evening” the mayor of Duderstadt, Wolfgang Nolte, the President of the Ferienparadies (holdiday resort) Pferdeberg, Klaus Bechtold and the Diocesan President of the Kolping Society Hildesheim, Andreas Bulitta, reported on their work and the period the wall was coming down in Berlin. The in-house cabaret artists of the Kolping Society created a relaxed atmosphere of the evening. The delegates expressed their sincere thanks to Renate Novak for her work of many years as person in charge of co-operation in Fulda.

Rio moves us.

Lisa Hermann, the campaign leader of Fair Trade Town.