08.05.2014: 40 years NGO status at Council of Europe

Anne Brasseur, the President of the Parliamentary Assemby of the Council of Europe, praised the activities of Kolping International at the 40th anniversary of consultative status (20th March, 1974)

In a detailed conversation with the International Kolping Society’s representative for European affairs, Mr Anton Salesny, President Anne Brasseur emphasised the socio-political commitment of the Kolping Society in Eastern Europe as well as the European study seminars and the political statements by the European Kolping Society.

“The Kolping Society has successfully managed to combine the Council of Europe and the European Parliament in its European study seminars. Your seminars which show the high quality and intensity of your educational work on European level, have ultimately brought the European idea to 2,500 multipliers from 18 European nations here in Strasbourg. The Kolping Society is the oldest Non-Governmental Organisation of the Council of Europe. However, due to its involvement in the past 40 years, it is one of the most vibrant and active organisations of the Council of Europe”, said the President.

Anne Brasseur was impressed by the International Kolping Society’s commitment for Europe: The President of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe in conversation with Kolping’s representative for European affairs, Mr Anton Salesny.