30.05.2016: 10 years Kolping House Brasov

The Kolping Society in Romania pioneers new innovative ways with its two new Kolping training hotels. The work of the last 10 years was rewarded with numerous prizes, awards and pilot projects.

More than 500 youth and adults have completed a training, retraining or internship in the hotel business in the Kolping Houses in Brasov and Caransebes during the last 10 years. The Kolping Society of Romania gives this positive summary on the occasion of the 10 years of existence of the Kolping House in Brasov. Three years later, the Kolping Hotel in Caransebes was opened. The Kolping concept GmbH (Ltd.) that manages the house has now 28 employees.

In the last year another pilot project was added: Kolping Romania has initiated a three years dual training as a waiter and cook in cooperation with a national vocational training college. In 2015 the turnover amounted to approximately 670,000 euros (3 million lei) with 7,000 overnight guests.

In the course of the years the Kolping Concept GmbH has been repeatedly awarded prizes for its innovate ideas by the chamber of industry and commerce in Brasov. Last year the "Kolping Concept GmbH” again took first place in the company ranking in the category “small companies and educational concepts”.
The three stars hotel in Brasov participates in the project “Intelligent Energy – Europe” (IEE) of the European Union because it has reduced its energy consumption by 40% and the CO2 emission by 60%.

The National Praeses of Kolping Romania, Gödri Istavan, congratulated all employees on the accomplished performance and encouraged them to continue to give their best.