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11.08.2017 Youth Work camp in Romania

About 40 participants in this year’s summer work camp in July gutted a building in Timisoara that had collected some years already. The work was carried out by the participants themselves.[more]

20.01.2017 Serbia: Project Management für the Balkan Region

Capacity building of the organization is one of the priorities in the work of Kolping Society of Serbia.[more]

09.12.2016 Germany - Hungary

Hotel as a sign of friendship[more]

09.09.2016 Vibrant partnership with the Kolping Family of Prague

A small anniversary could be celebrated at this year’s meeting between the Kolping sisters and brothers from Prague and the Diocesan Organisation of Dresden-Meissen which was held in Dresden at the beginning of September 2016.[more]

29.08.2016 Peace walk 2016 in Prague

Over 300 Kolping members from Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Luxemburg, Austria, Moldova, Czech Republic and Romania gathered in Prague from 5th to 7th August to participate in the 49th Peace walk. [more]

12.08.2016 Kolping meeting at the World Youth Day

A good atmosphere was indeed pre-programmed for the World Youth Day in Krakow. Hundreds of thousands of young people celebrated and prayed with Pope Francis in Poland.[more]

05.08.2016 Republic of Moldova

Kolping Romania supports charitable projects in the Republic of Moldova. In mid-July the Kolping National Society of Romania organized a cross-national one week workcamp in the village of Stircea in the Republic of Moldova.[more]

24.06.2016 Day of the Catholics in Leipzig / Germany

Every two years, the Day of the Catholics is a large gathering of dedicated Catholics in Germany. [more]

02.06.2016 “We don’t leave anyone alone “!

Meeting with ‘dynamite’: The Continental Assembly of the Kolping Society of Europe held its session in Vienna[more]

30.05.2016 10 years Kolping House Brasov

The Kolping Society in Romania pioneers new innovative ways with its two new Kolping training hotels. The work of the last 10 years was rewarded with numerous prizes, awards and pilot projects.[more]

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