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15.04.2015 Association work

Strategic planning of Kolping Serbia[more]

10.04.2015 East-East Learning: promoting communication, co-operation, and solidarity

Learning from each other and encounter are integral parts of the self-image of the International Kolping Society.[more]

10.04.2015 Germany

Cautioning against globalization of indifference[more]

10.04.2015 Hungary

Distinction for the Kolping Society of Hungary[more]

17.03.2015 Poland - Counselling in times of social difficulties

A special service for the people in Poland is provided by the legal services for people in need.[more]

27.02.2015 Germany - Kolping Youth

The Kolping Youth in Augburg is #MUTiviertEngagiert (commitment motivated by courage)[more]

05.02.2015 Germany

Regional assembly: Kolping Eastern Region calls for a welcoming culture in a free and democratic society[more]

23.01.2015 Europe in Africa: Learning from one another

The Education Team of Europe is a group of dedicated Kolping members from various European countries.[more]

12.12.2014 The name of Adolph Kolping in Germany and all over the world

Kolpingplatz in Cologne is just one of the 1,088 streets, alleys, lanes and places which are named after Adolph Kolping alone in Germany. [more]

02.12.2014 Celebration of Kolping Memorial Day in the sign of Europe

On the first Sunday of Advent, the Kolping Family of Central Freiburg (Germany) invited to celebrate the Kolping Memorial Day. The invitation was also extended to Mrs Margrit Unternährer, President of the Kolping Society of...[more]

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