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29.04.2016 Europe

The President of the Council of Europe acknowledges the European work of the Kolping Society - impressive continuity of the cooperation with the European Council since 1974[more]

26.04.2016 Kolping Slovenia

At their National Convention which was conducted at the beginning of April, the members of Kolping Slovenia elected a new board and Avgust Heri?ko as the new President. Archbishop Alojzij Cvikl blessed the new premises of the...[more]

18.04.2016 Exchange and partnership: Inspired Meeting of the BIPs

The persons in charge of the international co-operation (BIP) in the German, Swiss and Polish Kolping Diocesan Organizations met from April 8 to 10. The participants exchanged experiences about their work and inspired each other...[more]

14.04.2016 Romania: pilot project

The Kolping Hotel in Brasov participates in the European pilot project on the voluntary commitment to reduce energy consumption. [more]

18.03.2016 Switzerland: Tradition on the slopes

From February 18-21, the 21st International Ski Days took place in Wolfenschiessen-Engelberg. [more]

11.03.2016 Kolping Europe

The delegates of Kolping Europe will hold their meeting in May, 20-22 2016. The topics of this year’s Continental Meeting: Reports from the National Societies, Discussions on the subject work with refugees and generations,...[more]

08.03.2016 Strategies for a successful Fundraising

From March 3-5 a workshop took place in Cologne for the National Organizations from Kolping in Eastern Europe.[more]

26.02.2016 Germany: Kolping continues helping refugees

The new co-ordinator for the project “Refugees and immigrants”, Samantha Ruppel, has started her job in January 2016.[more]

04.02.2016 Award

Representative of the International Kolping Society, senior civil servant Mr. Anton Salesny was awarded the “medal of honor PRO MERITO of the Council of Europe”.[more]

22.01.2016 Poland: Kolping Congress of Seniors

They want to have an impact on what is happening in their area and build an “age friendly” local community. Many seniors - activists are operating in Kolping Senior Clubs in polish Kolping Families. 52 of them met in December...[more]

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