Continental assemly 2012 in Bozen, South Tyrol

The next continental meeting from Kolping Europe will take place in Bozen, South Tyrol from September 14th till 16th 2012. The Kolping society South Tyrol invited for the meeting. On the agenda various different topics can be found: feedback from the "Kolping in action" activities, we will discuss the youth unemployment in Europe, our internal development process - and last not least: educational work with the person of Adolph Kolping.

The program can be found here.

Continental Assembly 2011

The Continental Assembly is the highest decision-making body of the Kolping Society of Europe. It meets once a year and has the task to determine key contents of work, to elect the board, to fix membership fees and to decide on programme and constitution.

The Continental Assembly is composed of representatives of the European National Associations which may, depending on the election of members, send 2 to 5 delegates to the Continental Assembly. Apart from that, the respective General Praeses and the General Secretary of the International Kolping Society belong to the Continental Assembly as well as the delegate of the Kolping Society at the Council of Europe and the European Union

The last continetal meeting took place from April 29th 2011 until may 1st in Cracow, Poland.

Cracow declarations "Volunteering in the Kolping Society" and regarding "human rights".