Kolping Youth Europe

The Kolping youth in Europe has its own juridcal person, the Kolping youth Europe e.V.. Like the European Kolping Society, the youth has the task to coordinate networking on the European level, to distribute relevant European information and to support national and regional Kolping youth groups. Every year a summer camp is organized and formation events are conducted. The general assembly that is supposed to take place every year deals with various youth topics and offers training for the work with youth groups.The Kolping Youth Europe is represented through one elected person in the board of the European Kolping Society.

The current board of the Kolping Youth Europe is formed by:

Gellért Szabó, chairperson
Galyna Ieromina, 2. chairperson
Xhon Nika
Martin Huzvar
Dominik Presul



Dear Members of Kolping Youth Europe,

Since 1th March 2013 Kolping Youth Europe received full-time position. It means that we have now more time and opportunities to assist you in youth work in yours countries! Therefore we need more information about your work. Please look at the attached questionnaire.

We will be grateful to you, if you could send the answers before 25th March 2013! 

The Kolping Youth Europe is funded by the program "Youth in Action" of the European Union.