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09.04.2013 180 Kolping members from the Czech Republic welcome the new Pope in Rome

Upon invitation by H.E. Dominic Duka, Cardinal of Prague, 180 Kolping members travelled to Rome to witness Pope Francis being introduced officially. Msgr. Duka is the Archbishop of Prague and National Praeses of the Czech Kolping...[more]

22.12.2012 Hungary: Looking at Youth

The Kolping Society of Hungary is making greater efforts to promote youth work in the Kolping Families, which in some parts of the country desperately need younger members.[more]

17.12.2012 Romania: Refueling station for sick children

The hospital of the City of Caransebes has a separate children’s ward, and many children are forced by their illness to stay there for a longer period of time. The plain and sparsely furnished rooms offer the children very...[more]

22.12.2012 Austria: Kick-off event for the Jubilee Year 2013

With a kick-off event on October 20, 2012, Kolping Austria opened the planned festivities for the jubilee year 2013, in which Fr. Kolping’s 200th birthday will be remembered in special ways. The kick-off event was held under the...[more]

17.12.2012 The Czech Republic: True charity is what the world needs

“True charity, which is expressed in many public-spirited activities of the Kolping Society, is what we really need in today’s world”, emphasized the Archbishop of Prague, Cardinal Dominik Duka, in his homily on the occasion of...[more]

22.12.2012 Portugal: The Kolping Society develops a program to strengthen the relationship between mothers and children

For the third time in a row, the Kolping Society of Portugal welcomed a group of mothers and children from Germany, who stayed in Lamego as part of a project of the European Union in order to nurture the relationship between...[more]

26.10.2012 Kolping Europe – Seniors are not a burden but a resource

The demographic development in Europe must have two consequences. One the one hand, the growing section of older people has a responsibility to contribute actively to the preservation of their health. On the other hand, they...[more]

25.09.2012 Kolping Albania mourns for his National Praeses

On September 16, 2012 the young National Praeses Dom Genc Tuku from the diocese Sapa unexpectedly died at the age of 37. Shortly before the Sunday mass he suffered a heart attack. “Due to his work as a priest and Kolping National...[more]

21.09.2012 German-Czech Meeting - part II

Following the positive experiences made in May, an invitation was made to attend a second meeting of Kolping members from Prague and the diocese Dresden-Meissen. On the weekend from 7th to 9th September, nine participants each...[more]

04.09.2012 New General Secretary Markus Demele starts his work in Cologne

On 3rd September Markus Demele (33) from Frankfurt, who graduated in social science and holds a diploma in theology, has now begun his work in the General Secretariat of the Kolping Society in Cologne. His predecessor Hubert...[more]

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