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30.05.2016 10 years Kolping House Brasov

The Kolping Society in Romania pioneers new innovative ways with its two new Kolping training hotels. The work of the last 10 years was rewarded with numerous prizes, awards and pilot projects.[more]

18.04.2016 Exchange and partnership: Inspired Meeting of the BIPs

The persons in charge of the international co-operation (BIP) in the German, Swiss and Polish Kolping Diocesan Organizations met from April 8 to 10. The participants exchanged experiences about their work and inspired each other...[more]

18.03.2016 Switzerland: Tradition on the slopes

From February 18-21, the 21st International Ski Days took place in Wolfenschiessen-Engelberg. [more]

11.03.2016 Kolping Europe

The delegates of Kolping Europe will hold their meeting in May, 20-22 2016. The topics of this year’s Continental Meeting: Reports from the National Societies, Discussions on the subject work with refugees and generations,...[more]

08.03.2016 Strategies for a successful Fundraising

From March 3-5 a workshop took place in Cologne for the National Organizations from Kolping in Eastern Europe.[more]

26.02.2016 Germany: Kolping continues helping refugees

The new co-ordinator for the project “Refugees and immigrants”, Samantha Ruppel, has started her job in January 2016.[more]

04.02.2016 Award

Representative of the International Kolping Society, senior civil servant Mr. Anton Salesny was awarded the “medal of honor PRO MERITO of the Council of Europe”.[more]

22.01.2016 Poland: Kolping Congress of Seniors

They want to have an impact on what is happening in their area and build an “age friendly” local community. Many seniors - activists are operating in Kolping Senior Clubs in polish Kolping Families. 52 of them met in December...[more]

08.01.2016 Germany

Kolping for refugees: People all around the world are becoming aware of the masses of refugees fleeing to Europe. Most of the people want to go to Germany.[more]

22.12.2015 Christmas

Dear Kolping sisters and Kolping brothers in the Kolping Society of Europe, we wish you, your families, and your Kolping Families wholeheartedly a Merry and Blessed Christmas.[more]

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