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02.09.2014 Training for European Praesides in Cologne

In August, the Praesides of the European Kolping Societies met in Cologne for a week in order to deal with different topics related to the life of Fr. Kolping and the International Kolping Society.[more]

23.05.2014 Hungary

General Praeses visits National Convention of Kolping Hungary[more]

23.05.2014 Help for Eastern Europe

Kolping strongly represented at Renovabis opening 2014[more]

08.05.2014 European Parliament: exciting, committed and versatile – visit to Brussels

Loud discussions and serious negotiations in the European Parliament – this is nothing new – but it is surprising when young people from various Kolping associations are present at this place.[more]

08.05.2014 40 years NGO status at Council of Europe

Anne Brasseur, the President of the Parliamentary Assemby of the Council of Europe, praised the activities of Kolping International at the 40th anniversary of consultative status (20th March, 1974)[more]

06.05.2014 Romania: Attended transition from education to work

More than 400 young people – pupils and students – will have access to vocational guidance and accompaniment which will be provided by Kolping Romania in the next 17 months. The youth will have practical trainings in different...[more]

17.04.2014 A training in Belfast

With support through an EU funding program our adult trainer could participate in a training about coaching in Belfast from 06/04 till 12/04/2014. The training was organised by LTAS and the participants came from various European...[more]

04.04.2014 Film

Masters of compromise: the role of Parliament's rapporteurs[more]

21.03.2014 Act, react, impact!

Young people vote for Europe! Meeting from 1st to 4th of May 2014, Brussels, Belgium. Application until March, 26. [more]

04.04.2014 Call for the 2014 European Elections

With the 2014 Europe elections in mind, Kolping Europe has passed a declaration on in which it calls on all citizens to seek a dialogue with their regional candidates. As stated in the declaration, they should “recognize Europe...[more]

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