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04.04.2014 Film

Masters of compromise: the role of Parliament's rapporteurs[more]

21.03.2014 Act, react, impact!

Young people vote for Europe! Meeting from 1st to 4th of May 2014, Brussels, Belgium. Application until March, 26. [more]

14.02.2014 Germany: Active against sexual violence

Deliberations on the topic “sexual abuse” were part of the conference of presidents of the Diocesan Kolping Society of Augsburg. The participants of the conference quickly realized that the topic “sexual abuse” concerns each and...[more]

31.01.2014 Ukraine: Solidarity of the Kolping Youth Europe

On the occasion of the national protests in the Ucraine, the Kolping Youth Europa wrote a Letter of Solidarity.[more]

04.02.2014 Ukraine: The situation is exceptionally quiet

“The tragedy that has been unfolding in the Ukraine for two months now has come to a very critical junction: The uprising is getting more and more violent. Already 5 people have died in the disturbances and a few have been...[more]

13.12.2013 Switzerland

The Representative for international partnership work, Gottfried Zumbühl, passed away[more]

29.11.2013 Serbia

Solemn Mass with 135 guests[more]

26.11.2013 Romania

Inauguration of the first Kolping chapel[more]

04.10.2013 Continental Meeting of the European Kolping Associations

More than 40 delegates of the European Kolping Associations met in Hitzkirch near Lucerne, Switzerland, from September 20 to 22 to jointly discuss the further developments of the associations and European policy related...[more]

18.09.2013 Workcamp in Romania: 27 young people from four countries renovate a youth center

Young people help other young people: At the end of August, 27 young people from Germany, Romania, Moldova and Ukraine went to Heltau/Cisnadie for a week. They worked very hard to redecorate the Day Care Centre for School...[more]

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