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02.11.2015 Study on youth unemployment

The alarming rise of youth unemployment rates following the recent economic turmoil has challenged national as well as European labour market policies. [more]

26.08.2015 48th Peace Walk

“Peace needs courage“: At the beginning of August 2015, 275 Kolping members participated in the 48th International Kolping Peace Walk which took place at Vierzehnheiligen near Bamberg.[more]

14.08.2015 Culinary partnerships between Serbia and Romania

The Kolping Families from West Romania have been celebrating a big common festival for 9 years, a “goulash festival” with a cooking contest. The Kolping Families from Serbia have been welcome guests for several years.[more]

26.06.2015 Partnership Meeting in Rumania

The meeting of Kolping International’s Representatives for International Partnership work (RIP) was held in June in Caransebes/Rumania. [more]

12.06.2015 Poland: Endowment Fund for Development

The officials of Kolping Poland’s development-political endowment fund met in Cracow in April. Kolping Poland is characterized not only by very dedicated Kolping Families, but it also runs several social and economic projects...[more]

12.06.2015 Refugee crisis – Europe as a Community of Values?

"The daily dramas in the Mediterranean Sea with helplessly drowning refugees are an expression of incapacitated levels of policy-making in Europe”, says Thomas Dörflinger, President of Kolping Germany.[more]

12.06.2015 Continental Council

Meeting of Europe’s Kolping Societies in Frankfurt[more]

04.05.2015 Jubilee

Kolping Association Kosovo celebrates its 15th anniversary[more]

15.04.2015 Association work

Strategic planning of Kolping Serbia[more]

10.04.2015 East-East Learning: promoting communication, co-operation, and solidarity

Learning from each other and encounter are integral parts of the self-image of the International Kolping Society.[more]

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